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Dotson House Restoration Project: Preserving Garden City's History

By Genevieve Rogers
Tucked away on a small dirt driveway on Augusta Road stands the George Dotson House, the oldest residence in Garden City. Located off of Highway 21, near the elevated walkway at Mercer Middle School, the house sits uninhabited and shielded from the main road by trees and overgrown vegetation.
Built in 1850, the house is considered by the National Trust as an excellent example of a rural farmhouse, one of the very few which still exist in the area. Ancient trees, some over 200 years old, stand tall and proud on the property where the one-story house sets. Blown glass shines from the windows and a grand porch wraps around the side of the house, a fine example of craftsmanship and the utilization of mortise and tenon. Inside, immaculate hardwood floors throughout the home and a 12-foot breezeway welcome visitors. And an old barn sets to the back of the house, a reminder of the farms and fields that originally dotted the area, long before urban development and the ports sprung up.
It's that development and growth which has brought the Dotson House to the attention of Garden City, who now have plans to restore the house and save a piece of Garden City history.
The property was recently sold to a hotel, who have already begun clearing away vegetation and trees from around the house. The house was donated to the city by the new owners and the city says that it hopes to save some of the trees surrounding it, or at least use the wood in the renovations of the home. The process of dismantling the home has already begun and will see the porch and roof removed and the house cut into two pieces.
The Farmer's Market on Highway 80 in Garden City will serve as a temporary home for the pieces until they can be moved to a permanent home, which the city hopes to be the planned town center. According to Nathan Mai-Lombardo, renovations on the home should begin in the summer of 2008 and will be overseen by the Garden City Convention and Visitor's Bureau.
Mr. Mai-Lombardo, Director of Planning and Economic Development for Garden City,? says that saving and restoring the Dotson House is one of the most important things the city can do to save it's history for future generations. "We need to preserve the history we have left, and embrace our past. Also, this is a chance to do something really positive for the community, to give us something to really be proud of, as well as a gathering and social place."
He says that he thinks that the Dotson House is the first important step in preserving some of Garden City's past and that a historical preservation society is currently being established in order to help put together a complete pictorial history of Garden City.
A "buy-a-brick" campaign in also in the works for the Dotson House and anyone interested in purchasing one should contact him at (912) 963-2765. Bricks should begin selling sometime this winter or in spring 2008.
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